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BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife v3.13 APK (MOD, Unlimited Money, Bitizenship, God Mode) For Android

Candywriter, LLC

12 March 2024 (1 month ago)

App Name BitLife - Life Simulator
Latest Version v3.13
Last Updated 12 March 2024
Publisher Candywriter, LLC
Size 196 MB
Google Playstore
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Bitizenship, God Mode
4.4/5 Rating (1181252)

BitLife APK MOD For Android Life Simulator is a simulation recreation that simulates the manner of someone’s complete existence from being withinside the womb to death. The recreation become advanced via way of means of the manufacturing group of studio Candywriter, LLC. If you’re a fan of simulation and simulation games, that is genuinely a recreation studio acquainted with comparable games. This recreation is a part of the company’s series of emulators. However, this recreation will now no longer be the identical or just like the preceding recreation.


In this section, there are particular new points, assisting gamers have new experiences. Are you geared up to assume someone from start to adulthood? All activities in someone’s existence are simulated to your telecellsmartphone. Coming to a totally new recreation that offers you a brand new existence. A new starting on your existence, your man or woman will begin on the infancy stage. Information of parents, the way you have been born, siblings relationships revolve round your man or woman. This man or woman will stay the manner you need, and that is additionally taken into consideration so as to redo your existence. A random statistic approximately the extent of happiness and fitness might be up to date constantly for the duration of the manner of your man or woman’s start and death. When you need to increase your man or woman’s existence, click on the Age button displayed withinside the center of the screen.


You create the series of activities on your man or woman via way of means of selecting moves in every protagonist’s timelines. BitLife – Life Simulator will create a chain of activities on your man or woman in one of a kind stages. As easy as while you are taken via way of means of your mom to get vaccinated, the sport will provide you with a preference to protest via way of means of biting your mom’s hand, otherwise you grow to be an excellent infant via way of means of obediently sitting still.
When the participant reaches the age of 6, the age to head to high school age, as a student, gamers can engage with many instructors and pals at school. In addition, you furthermore may have the choice to sign up for clubs, charities, etc. The recreation might be designed in order that the milestones are like a existence of many humans. Go to highschool after which graduate. At this stage, you’ll determine what you need to do. You can maintain your schooling via way of means of selecting to visit college or discover a task and do navy service.


Consider the simple stats of your man or woman in BitLife – Life Simulator is Happiness, Health, Intelligence, Appearance. You want to be aware of the maximum is Health, with exact fitness, you’ll have greater participation in existence activities. Do now no longer be too vital approximately the Appearance element as it does now no longer have an effect on your destiny, and it could alternate while you cross for beauty surgery. Although you’ve got got many alternatives, every preference brings one of a kind endings, even death.
For example, if you make a decision to sign up for the army, you’ll have to finish a mine detection mission, so as to endanger your existence. Therefore, it could be stated that the milestone while you are 18 years antique is a vast duration on your existence. However, while you make a incorrect decision, all efforts are properly rewarded, however you attempt to accurate it, existence Your destiny existence will actually be easier. If errors can’t be corrected, you could use the Time Machine function to head again in time and alternate your mind.


In addition to figuring out to paintings in BitLife – Life Simulator, you want to realize the way to manipulate your budget properly. Whoever you’re, you recognize the way to use your cash to manipulate your budget properly. Investing in actual estate, shopping for a car, beginning a company, or you could additionally put money into casinos. All your alternatives decide your existence later. There might be an Assets class at the Menu bar, and that is wherein you manipulate your assets.
When your profession has advanced, or you’re antique sufficient to date, many humans will surround you to flirt with. Once you’ve got got a lady to date, you’ll be married to that lady. However, you’ll additionally have alternatives to maintain your own circle of relatives happy. Not all households are peaceful. Even while you get married, a few ladies come to flirt with you. Deciding to have an affair or to be trustworthy for your own circle of relatives existence is going to one of a kind turns.
You may have a broader view of existence in BitLife – Life Simulator. Players will cross on one of a kind paths to one of a kind endings. You will realize the boom manner of someone simply via way of means of swiping at the telecellsmartphone screen. Keep your self positive approximately beginning a brand new begin to stay higher each day.

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