Chronicle Of Infinity MOD APK 1.4.5 (Unlimited Money)

Chronicle Of Infinity MOD APK 1.4.5 (Unlimited Money)

Chronicle of Infinity is an MMORPG that plunges you in the middle of a battles between the Astral Alliance and the Obsidian Alliance. This time, your mission is to create a powerful hero and fight dozens of players from around the world for the victory. It’s up to you to bring peace to the galaxy, so use all your powers to the fullest.

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How To Download Chronicle of Infinity Apk Mod

In Chronicle of Infinity, you’ll control your character with a virtual joystick as you watch all the action unfold on the 3D graphics from a top-down perspective. Another outstanding feature of Chronicle of Infinity is the realistic animations it displays whenever you start a conversation with another character. Not only that, but you can also chat with all the other players on your server.

Chronicle of Infinity has a vast variety of armor, powers, and random events to discover as you progress through the game. This MMORPG doesn’t only have an open world that you can explore at your whim; it also has challenges you can complete to improve your character’s strength and position.

How To Install Chronicle of Infinity MOD APK

The War of the Alliance has begun, and it’s up to you to end it. Check out Chronicles of Infinity and have a great time completing missions, unlocking new resources and magical powers, and using them in battles against over one hundred enemies.

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To fend off the Obsidian Army’s ongoing violent attack, the Astral Alliance was summoning a powerful Alliance Guardian.
You, a Guardian, responded to the call, came to Astrapolis…

Chronicle Of Infinity MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Redefines ARPG industry standard with revolutionary graphic and combat experience
-Killing special effects blast your screen
-Breathtaking Ultimate skills with fancy animations
-Suit up! Transform into the Armor Status!

Download Chronicle of Infinity MOD APK Last Verson

When 150-player PVP meets intensive Battle Royale
-In Apex Guerilla, you win or you die
-Wealth, Fame, Exclusive Title! Winner take’em all!

Farm Legendary Equipments in 100% Random Dungeons
-The Dungeon will have its structure randomly generated everytime
-Random Monster, Chests, NPC, Entrances and etc. All Random!
-Special Rewards and well-designed traps

The fate of an Open World relies upon your decision
-Random events in the Dynamic Sandbox world
-Immersive MMORPG experience: your action matters!
-Numerous Easter Eggs hidden in different corners over the world

The wings and pets are your best guardians
-Your avians will transform to a pair of wings when you are in danger
-With the cuttest appearance, the pet deals the most brutal damage

Chronicle of Infinity
Chronicle of Infinity

Introduce about Chronicle of Infinity

Super product MMORPG of alliance style with top graphics, fiery combat gameplay


Chronicle of Infinity takes place when members of the Astral Heroic Alliance gather to fight the brutal Obsidian legions. The war breaks out, and you appear as a defender, side by side with your forces to repel the dark Obsidian forces.


Chronicle of Infinity is essentially an MMORPG. Therefore, the community element is very important and well invested. In the same Clan, members really bond and support each other during the battle.

In your Clan, you are free to exchange playing experiences, buy, and sell valuable items. A bustling market opens, ready for you to step in and absorb the quintessence of seniors to shorten your path to success.

Not to mention the game has a Battle Royale feature that can be considered the top of the top. It offers a series of fiery battlefields with up to 150 participants. Those battlefields are where you can either be the only survivor to win or nothing at all.

Action element

Chronicle of Infinity is also a typical ARPG game with action-packed gameplay. The monster bombardment phases lit up the whole screen. The effects from the skills and special combos of the characters are intense and burning, enough to make any veteran gamer excited.

The diverse range of skills and flexible movement of the characters also contribute the excitement to the stimulating combat battlefields of Chronicle of Infinity.

Open world

Players, since they chose their warrior character, have officially entered the battle where you have full control throughout the game.

The entire story in Chronicle of Infinity takes place in an open world, where you can freely travel, explore, and find your battle strategy. Hundreds of dungeons open. Scary monsters, NPC characters are always randomly arranged. If you win and overcome them, you can get valuable equipment and rewards. Interestingly, there are also some Easter eggs planted in various small areas on every map.

The rewards and traps are especially well designed in Chronicle of Infinity, which satisfies the balance of the game. Everyone finds equal opportunities and discovers fair amounts of rewards and traps. The rest depends on the skill of each person.

Graphics and sound

Chronicle of Infinity uses modern 3D graphics for sharp detailed images, and impressive lighting effects, creating unforgettable epic combat scenes. Character creation is also good, each person has their appearance and distinct personality. Violent, ferocious enemies are also a successful part of the game.

In addition, the game has a rare rich system of NPC characters, monsters, and an arsenal of weapons and equipment. It allows players the freedom to fight their way while keeping the overall pace of the game.

Sound quality is also an important factor in the success of this MMORPG. On the battlefield, you can clearly hear the sound of the moves colliding with each other or the sound when the screen shakes because of the characters’ ultimate attacks. The sound is different and explosive but still detailed enough for players to distinguish every detail on the battlefield, which brings the excitement of fighting to the max.

Download Chronicle of Infinity APK for Android

Chronicle of Infinity is one of the MMORPGs worth playing on mobile. It brings together all the key elements that make up a typical multiplayer combat RPG: visuals, dungeons, equipment, sound, lighting, high-speed and rich gameplay… If you want to boost your mood with a high-quality online RPG, Chronicle of Infinity is here for you.

Unlimited Diamonds

For each successive battle, you will be rewarded with diamonds. If you have performed combo moves or any rare moves to defeat your opponent, you will receive additional diamonds for your performances. The same goes if you beat your opponent without receiving damage of more than 30%. You can purchase diamond packages using real money in this game.

You will get unlimited diamonds after you download our Chronicle of Infinity mod apk. Install it on your Android device and open it to enjoy playing with unlimited resources.

You can also get Unlimited Gold with Puzzle Breakers: RPG Online MOD.

About The Game

Join the ultimate battle to maintain peace throughout the galaxy by joining the biggest role-playing mobile game in history. Chronicle of infinity is one of the best PvP multiplayer games with addictive and intuitive features on mobile.

Chronicle of Infinity is a role-playing game with a massive gaming audience. The game is basically an online multiplayer battle between the Obsidian Alliance and the Astral Alliance. The players are burdened by the responsibility of establishing peace in the galaxy by defeating their opponents.

To do this, the player must go through a fierce battle with dozens of online players and prove to be a worthy champion.

Neocraft Limited has offered us the Chronicle of Infinity mobile game. There are three major roles a player could play. They can log in to the game using google ID to save their progress, or they can join and fight as guests. Your progress will not vanish even if you are playing as a guest as long as you don’t uninstall the game.

Likewise, an unlimited amount of money could be earned by downloading LONEWOLF MOD.

Players Reviews
  • I’ve tried multiple games of this type and none have ever kept my attention until now!! Controls are simple graphics are awesome it’s not hard to get good gear. I would have like to seen a better character customization and each class should have a male and female option.
  • It’s a pretty basic game in the auto RPG so far, very PTW early, but it differs from the genre slightly in the fact you can’t just walk away from it all day and be strong. You have to interact at times or it stalls, which is very much a plus to me.

Game Features

Chronicle of Infinity is a cutting-edge mobile game marvel that has mesmerizing 3D graphics. The characters, props, and animations are fantastically stylized to match the mythological theme. The player can play the game by viewing their characters from a top-down perspective.

Each character has unique animations when involved in an interaction with other characters. Chronicle of Infinity also allows you to chat will other players in the arena. You can control the character’s movements and direct their attack with the virtual joystick on top of the game.

The multiplayer mode of the game includes the battle between players in the arena, Royalle Apex Guerilla, and the treasure hunt. Players can fight in these areas against their opponents for the sake of the peace of the galaxy. There are also other gaming modes such as quizzes, 3vs3 matches, and pet training.

Chronicle of Infinity Mod Apk also allows the player to change the fps (frames per second) to optimize the game resolution to better fit their phone’s performance.


The gameplay is very simple, which is fight until win. The player has to fight until all his opponents are on the ground and returned to the dust. You can choose whether you are going to fight for the Obsidian Alliance or the Astral Alliance.

You can also select the mode you want to play. Arena, Royalle Apex Guerilla, and the treasure hunt are the three types of multiplayer modes you can choose from.

You can attack your enemies and move towards or away from them using your virtual joystick. Each character has its own unique skills and damage-dealing abilities.

You can inflict magic damage on your enemies by attacking them. The amazing feature of Chronicle of Infinity MOD APK is that each character has its own combo moves and damage-dealing abilities.

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